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Hot of the presses, and hotter than a hot cosby or a rolling brown out.

A way to make a LOT of money to was added to town, only 10 may win.

The MAKE YOUR MONEY BACK CHALLENGE is up right now somewhere in the town area. Look for the giant dollar bill.

Read the directions closely.

A serious chance to make some money here people, write the answers and or proof into teamspeak or a book. I suggest you keep a copy for yourself as well to prove you did it if you cant do all the challenges in one sitting.

Challenge 10 is free to do, you don't have to buy anything. You can read the first chapter of any book for free on a website that starts with a letter A.


Happy Independence Day Americans!

Remember, 4th of July is more than cramming dead animals into your fat face. America has a culture despite what Europeans want to tell you, and it's not just some dumb one dimensional food culture about bacon, beer and shooting tin cans out back. American culture is about civic duty, small government, rebellion, community action, and talking shit about the feds whenever and however you can, because they can't do shit about it.
Consider this, they are locking people up in other countries for thought crime. Incorrect opinions. I have a lot of hostility against what the United States has become, but I'd be lying if it weren't still the best country to dissent against the status quo, and if anything, that is a culture worth fighting to preserve.


New mods, reducing entitys, and cleaning the map.

Attention Server!!!::: Can everyone do me a favor and delete any excess structures that you don't need or that you think are ugly, if you want to keep them because they look cool even if you don't use them that is fine with me, I'm just talking about excess crap that you really don't need, let's tear it down. I'll even do it for you if you see me in game just drag me over and I'll yank it down. Also I bring this up every few months but if you could keep all your builds in the same area that would be amazing, if you need things moved to your area let me know. It's very hard for the moderators to monitor the map and keep everything clean when one person has a building every 500 blocks. Also can you please put your name on your builds.

Entity Problem: We recently ran a program on the server that monitors trouble or potential problems we may run into. We are way over the healthy amount of entitys. You could help us fix this problem by removing or deleting your excess entitys. If you are wondering what an entity is just go with this rule: An Entity is anything that is more then just an image. Some entitys produce more lag then others obviously but they all do damage to the server in large amounts. If you have questions about what an entity is just ask in the server general chat.

Moderators: For the last 2 days I haven't seen any moderators do more then casually check in on the server (except Mike, he is very active). That is super not cool, the server needs active moderators who are willing to help people, if you can't do that then ask me to demote you, if you leave on your own terms then I will more then happily re-promote you in the future when you are ready for mod again. Either way the server needs new, active mods, who are ready to help so a few of you will be demoted today, it doesn't mean you were bad mods it just means you weren't active enough so you ARE eligible for re-promotion. Also the rank moderator does not mean you have free reign to use the server as your world edit playground, in fact it's the opposite of that. Do that shit in single player. Also if you are a mod and you have spots claimed all over the server and overly large giant area, you need to come on the server today or tomorrow and reduce the size of your area. The players need somewhere to PLAY. So if you are using up too much space, come on and fix it, reduce the space you are using, reduce the amount of entitys you have, and if you could put a very clear cut wall around your MODESTLY sized area, if you don't do it then I will be doing it for you.

Besides that I just want to thank everyone, Staff, Builders, etc for being a part of our wonderful server. This place has treated us well for a long time and it is the community that keeps this place awesome. So many times I have laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair from conversations in the server chat and the teamspeak. I'm looking forward to more of that. If you want to be a part of the staff we need you, be a good person, read the "how to get staff" book located in town hall and get yourself promoted. MVGA Make Valhalla Great Again.


Giving away steam games

I've given away about 150 dollars worth of steam games in the last few days on Valhalla. I'm going to try to give away one steam key every day for the next 7 days, it will be at random times, builder and up are allowed to play for them (even staff can play).

I actually had this idea last year but my kid was born and I got busy lol. So if you want a chance at winning them just log onto Vahalla sometime this week and hope I pop on with a key to give away, if you want your friends to win the keys have them join the server and alert staff that you know the person IRL and they wont grief and we can promote them straight from prisoner to builder.

If you don't know what steam is, basically it's how you play the newest PC games. It's a free and trust worthy program, I have been using it for over 10 years now.

This is a link to download Steam


These upcoming elections, and Valhalla

Hi all! I just wanted to say this server has been and is a fun and wild ride and I'm glad to be a part of it. With tensions high with an up coming election and everyone's political ideals clashing and the global media putting a spin on everything and seemingly disregarding and blocking the truth in some cases I think it's important that we stick together. Minecraft is just a game yes, but it's a game that you have to invest hundreds of hours into to really be successful in. It encourages teamwork, hard-work, dedication, ingenuity, and creativity. It really may well be the best game of all time. I can tell you honestly it's the only game I've played for almost 7 years now and I am still interested in logging in to see what is new and what everyone is doing, and anything you invest hundreds of hours into you are going to care about even if it is "just a game" we make living art that is being held together by bits of data that could come crashing down at any time. No one appreciates our work like we do, and it is fickle and finite, it's not a question of if it will disappear but when and we still continue on. I think that says a lot about people who play minecraft, specifically the people of Valhalla where not only do you have to embody everything I mentioned but you also have to walk the moral high road every day. A large part of why people play on our server and why I love our server is because of the people that play there.

So in this up coming election all I ask is that you vote with logic and do your best to dig through the media mud and diatribe. If you are voting for Hilary Clinton then HAVE A LOGICAL REASON TO DO SO, one that you can back up with evidence and facts, not to convince me but so that you can convince yourself and live with yourself. If you are voting for Donald Trump HAVE A LOGICAL REASON TO DO SO, one that you can back up with evidence and facts.

I admit I am guilty of instigating political arguments on this very facebook group, I've been alive longer then most but not all of you. For you younger folks this election is full of more hypocrisy then any election before, for you older folks you already know what I mean. So yes I have become vexed at this election and the people who are voting in it. I know a lot of people this election are going to vote based on how their friends are voting and based on lies or half-truths that they saw on the tv or internet, that is frustrating to someone like me. Unfortunately though that is how our process works, we get the government we deserve. The guy who physically beats people for having different opinions and who has never paid a penny in taxes gets to vote and his vote counts just as much as yours, it's insanity. Either way though my point being I don't care who you vote for, do what you think is right, be honored that you get to help decide the future of the world, be happy for what you have life is fleeting, and let's have 7 more years of awesome on Valhalla regardless of who the next president is.

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