Valhalla Server News
Hot of the presses, and hotter than a hot cosby or a rolling brown out.

First post of 2018!

Can everyone come online and delete as many entities out of your homes and areas as possible. The server is red-lined on entities now, meaning there are so many on the server that it is actually doing harm. If you can't come on to do it, the mods will be forced to do it for you. It's honestly a pretty dire situation and it was so bad we almost lost the map a few days ago so I'm not left with a lot of choices here except forcibly deleting said entities without the owners consent. That is not what I want to do but it's between that and losing the whole map because of the selfishness of a few players so when I say I don't have a choice left at this point I really mean I DONT HAVE A CHOICE LEFT AT THIS POINT.

I know that is going to piss a few of you off but again its between losing the whole map or a few of you guys having your homes with hundred and hundreds of entities while the mods scramble around and try to patch problems.

If everyone could be adults about this and help us out that would be wonderful.

PS: For the record an Entity is anything that is more than an image. So doors, chests, paintings, flags, hoppers, dispensers, signs, trapdoors, redstone, etc.

We have noticed people go especially crazy with hoppers. We are at the point now where we are going to have to make a new rule where each person can only have 30 hoppers/droppers if people don't calm down with them.