Valhalla Server News
Hot of the presses, and hotter than a hot cosby or a rolling brown out.

Global Temporary Rank Reset, THIS FRIDAY!

This Friday sometime between the afternoon and the evening we will be shutting the server down for just a few minutes. During those few minutes we will be deleting the file that contains everyone's ranks. The file has grown grossly large to that point that it is hard to navigate, which is the purpose for its deletion. When you log back in you will be exactly where you were when you logged out, with the same amount of money, the same everything. The only thing that will be different is your rank. The staff online will immediately restore your previous rank, so no worries there. We aren't asking anyone to start over. The whole point of this is to reduce the size of our rank file and to make sure only active members are in our rank file, not to take anyone's rank away. Please tell all of your friends about this. I will cross post this on every social media and chat platform we have, but there are some people who are woefully unprepared and who still wont get this message despite its widespread availability. So do your best to inform those clowns please.


We ban advertisers.

This feels really dumb having to write this post but I have a former donator freaking out right now over this so I'm going to spell this out as clearly as possible, children's education style.

If you use the Valhalla facebook group to advertise and recruit for other servers you will be banned and or demoted on Valhalla.

I thought that was common sense so I have never specifically mentioned it anywhere before but we had to ban someone for it yesterday and they are freaking out because they say its not against the rules to advertise other servers on the Valhalla facebook page. How in the fuck would that ever be okay? We ban advertisers, everyone knows this. I shouldn't have to explain basic things like this.

TLDR version: If you try to recruit Valhalla players to other servers, you will be banned. I don't care what the medium of recruitment is. I don't care if it's a text message, a facebook message, I don't care if you use a motherfuckin can on a string, if you are recruiting Valhalla players for other servers I will ban you. I realize people play on other servers, cool. Don't recruit for them on Valhalla or from Valhalla.