Learn about our servers and our most coveted rank.


At Valhalla we offer a unique play expierience that we have carefully created and it has taken us 6 years to perfect. We call this play style "enchanced survival", we take vanilla minecraft and we make it BETTER! We tried to remove a lot of the "grindy" aspects of vanilla minecraft but we didn't want to just give materials away and ruin the game, so we implemented an economy like any colony of people would have and what is minecraft really besides a group of people starting a new colony. This economy allows you to buy some of your materials instead of mining them which slightly speeds up bigger builds you may want to do. We also cater very specifically to people of a high moral standard. We keep our server clean of shitbags, asshats, nutsacks, pastafarians, vegans, and devil worshippers, and Clintons. We do this in a unique way as well, when people first enter our server they take a morals test. On top of all the unique gameplay we rotate though a few minigames, and we have a server police force that you are welcome to join if your detective skills are up to snuff. The in server police force is responsibile for jailing people who break our server rules, and investigating griefs, fixing the grief, and jailing those responsible. Last thing Valhalla is a griefer free enviroment, also we do not allow any trolling or non-consensual PVP.


Snakecraft is the exact opposite of Valhalla. At Snakecraft chaos rules, devil worship is not only encouraged but it is also a requirement. Sodomizing fellow players is fair play, and last but not least we have a goat for your entertainment.

The coveted DONATOR rank.

Running minecraft servers is very expensive, there are many monthly and annual bills. You of course are welcome to play with us at no cost to you. IF you would like to help us with the financial burden though you are allowed to donate, as a thank you for donation we give you a custom rank that comes with lots of perks.